Mesabi Metallics Supports O’Brien Reservoir Improvements

Larry Sutherland, President and C.O.O. of Mesabi Metallics presented members of the Keewatin City Council with a funding gift on Wednesday, June 12th. The City of Keewatin is in the process of constructing new facilities at the O’Brien Reservoir.

The city has partnered with Mesabi Metallics Company to help fund the maintenance of the fifty plus year old pavilion at the reservoir. Some of the items that will be updated starting in the Spring of 2024 include roofing, staining, structural pole replacement and concrete slab repair. This portion of maintenance is being made possible by a funding commitment from Mesabi Metallics.

“We recognize that being a trusted partner in the community means assisting with the continued longevity of important community assets,” said Mesabi Metallics President and C.O.O. Larry Sutherland. “We are working to open and operate the Iron Range’s first new facility in 50 years and we want people to enjoy the O’Brien Reservoir facilities for the next 50 years and beyond,” concluded Sutherland.

The pavilion is available for individuals or families to rent for seventy-five dollars per day. “There are picnic tables, grills, and electricity for them to utilize, but the pavilion in need of repair,” said Keewatin City Clerk Beth Ann Mackey. The location of the O’Brien Reservoir being centrally located between Cities of Nashwauk and Keewatin, State Highway 169, and on the Mesabi Bike Trail, the park has substantial visibility and use. “Also, with the construction of the new Nashwauk – Keewatin School, we foresee additional use by the students as well,” added Mackey.

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