The Project

The Mesabi Metallics project is an opportunity to finally advance in the evolutionary development chain of steel production in Minnesota. The high-quality taconite mined in this area of the range allows Mesabi Metallics to create its own direct-reduced iron (DRI) facility—an energy efficient, environmentally friendly method of converting its taconite into metallic iron without melting it.

Oversight of Mesabi Metallics’ construction including project controls, scheduling, cost, quality and project management will be performed by Fluor Corporation, a world class engineering and construction contractor, with a dedicated professional team located at the construction site.

The Nashwauk site’s iron ore deposits are of high quality, which means they contain fewer impurities like silica and phosphorous. This allows for the production of both traditional blast furnace (BF) pellets and the more valuable DRI type.

DRI and BF pellets produced at Mesabi Metallics will be transported using infrastructure that is already in place. The site is located adjacent to an all-weather road providing easy access across Minnesota. All required road infrastructure, within the project site, exists for construction operations. To date, nine miles of rail lines have been constructed in the project area; four miles of additional sidings have also been created. Rail infrastructure supports the transportation of two Class 1 rail carriers, BNSF and CN, between the project site and Lake Superior shipping ports approximately 80 miles away: the Duluth port in Minnesota and the Superior port in Wisconsin. Both are equipped with winter season storage options.