• We expect Mesabi’s plant design and latest technology will limit adverse environmental impact and make it the most modern plant on the Mesabi range
  • Installation of best available control technology to minimize pelletizing furnace air emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions
  • Mesabi plans to be a zero-surface liquid discharge facility through use of ground and storm water naturally flowing through the area and zero wastewater discharge through dry air pollution control technology
  • Apart from its compliance with environmental permitting, Mesabi has made investments in land and wetland credits


  • Mesabi is one of the largest investment projects in the State of Minnesota which is expected to yield a positive impact on the local economy
  • Over the life of the iron ore mine, the mine is expected to contribute significant economic value in the form of royalties to the State of Minnesota, taxes to local and federal governments, and payments to local utilities
  • Estimated to have ~1,800 construction workers deployed during peak construction period

Local Community Leaders Demonstrated Overwhelming Support for the Project During the Executive Council Hearing

“While there will be jobs created by the construction in Nashwauk, there’ll be significant long-term benefit to the community as well…It’s also projected over the life of Mesabi Metallics will pay $1 billion in royalties to the state of Minnesota, and $300 million for the local and federal taxes.”

– President of Iron Range Building and Trade

“This is a huge economic engine for our region, not just for Itasca County… Thousand construction jobs, 350 good paying jobs with benefits when the plant starts production, and who knows, hundreds of jobs in spin offs across Northeast Minnesota.”

— County Commissioner of Itasca County