About Mesabi Metallics

Mesabi Metallics Company LLC was formed in 2003 to develop and operate a fully integrated iron ore pellet facility on the Mesabi Iron Range in Nashwauk, Minnesota. The company controls nearly 21,000 acres within the current project boundary.

Since its formation, Mesabi Metallics has secured the permit to mine, as well as permits for air emissions, water appropriation, tailings basin, construction, and processing for the project site.

Once completed, the facility will mine and produce up to seven million tons of high-quality iron ore pellets each year.

Mesabi Metallics is owned and operated by Chippewa Capital Partners, a subsidiary of Nubai Global Investment Limited. Since Mesabi Metallics emerged from bankruptcy in December 2017, the company has invested more than $200 million in the project, including continued construction and land acquisition on the site.