Mining & Pellet Plant

Transforming the Iron Range

Located on the historic Mesabi Range in Minnesota, the Mesabi Metallics project represents a significant development in the region’s long-standing mining industry. Scheduled for completion in early 2026, this 7-million metric ton per year taconite mining and DR grade pelletization operation seeks to revive the potential of the former Butler mine site.

Investment and Employment

Over $1.7 billion has already been invested in the project to date, with an additional $650 million planned investment for mine and pellet plant completion. This translates to job creation, including:

  • Over 700 union construction jobs, with some already filled and others anticipated in future construction phases.
  • Over 350 permanent steelworker positions, offering long-term employment opportunities.
  • An estimated 700 indirect jobs generated across the region, strengthening the economy and growing the local tax base.

DR Grade Iron Ore Pellets

Mesabi Metallics core product is DR Grade Iron Ore Pellets. This is processed from its high quality magnetite mineral resources. Mesabi Metallics DR grade pellets are high quality, require lower energy and generate less slag in steel production than other alternatives. We are implementing proven, state of the art technology to provide high quality DR grade pellets and to consistently deliver as promised. Mesabi’s DR grade pellets will also have one of the lowest in class Ph and S contents.

Long-Term Potential

With an initial mine life of 15 years and future opportunities for increasing the resource base, Mesabi Metallics intends to operate one of the most sustainable mining operations domestically. Our goal is to provide a long-term supply of high quality DR grade iron ore pellets shipping from the heart of U.S., minimizing the environmental impact and contributing to the carbon reduction goals of our customers.

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