Mesabi Metallics to Thank Local Supporters, Introduce New President & COO Larry Sutherland

NASHWAUK, Minn., May 19, 2021 – Mesabi Metallics Co. LLC hosted a lunch event on its property in Nashwauk to thank the community and community leaders for supporting the taconite mining and pelletization project being developed at Nashwauk which is the largest private investment in the State of Minnesota.

Industry veteran Larry Sutherland, who became Mesabi Metallics President and COO on May 15, addressed the audience and provided a brief status update. “I’m very excited to join the team and look forward to completing the project.” he said.

About 50 local supporters including the Mayor of Nashwauk, Itasca County Commissioners, local construction contractors and local community leaders attended this event.

Ravi Ruia, from Essar Group, was also present and thanked supporters for standing by the project.

The mayor of Nashwauk, Calvin Saari, said, “I’ve always maintained, that whoever holds the leases, I’m with you 100%.”

Mining industry veteran and Mesabi director, Tom Albanese commented “This is a business that is going to deliver the Mesabi range and the State of Minnesota decades of high paying jobs and support businesses that work around it.”

Itasca County Commisoner Ben DeNucci reiterated his support for the project and commented that, “We want our local men and women to have jobs here and we are dedicated and committed to supporting that. We at Itasca County are invested in economic development, especially projects of this nature which is the largest private investment in the State of Minnesota. We are pleased to support the completion of this project, we are appreciative of the partners we had in this long journey.”